GraphStudio fork

I have made a few improvements to GraphStudio, the open-source GraphEdit clone:

  • The limit for text entry in certain combo boxes has been removed
  • Basic XML graph saving support has been added (only filters and connections at the moment)
  • Pins are now referred by their indexes in XML rather than by ambiguous names
  • Added command-line /render parameter, which loads a graph, plays it and exits

XML support and /render allow scripted generation and rendering of XML graph files.

Source, download.

Update: Check out GraphStudioNext. Some or all of my patches have been merged into that project, and presumably will be in the next release (the one after

3 thoughts on “GraphStudio fork

  1. GO!

    Hi! CyberShadow,
    Thank you very much for your great application. It makes xml files can be loaded and auto run.

    Added command-line /render parameter, which loads a graph, plays it and exits

    Would you please tell me what is the syntax for command line. Thanks a lot.

  2. GO!

    Thanks for your concern and quickly reply.
    I am sorry /render parameter seems not fit my computer, it exits too quickly(less than 1 second). But the syntax of xml file, [command msg=”run”], it works very well.
    I appreciated your program and big help! Thank you very much!


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