WordPress “Pixel” theme – fixed background mod

I love fixed backgrounds. So, I made a version of Sam‘s Pixel theme with a fixed background (which you can see on the blog already). It even supports IE6 (well, almost) – thanks, ie7-js!

Note: I re-exported the background from the original PSD as a PNG, since it’s too beautiful to be degraded by JPEG compression artifacts. The PNG is about 350kb in size – so, if that bothers you, convert it to JPEG and edit style.css accordingly.


8 thoughts on “WordPress “Pixel” theme – fixed background mod

  1. Philip

    thanks for the great mod, exactly what I was looking for. I already mentally prepared to do the mod myself, but thankfully I dug a little deeper in the comments on 85ideas.com.


  2. Wendell


    I recently finished modding the pixel theme to allow the main content to resize based on if the sidebar has any active widgets in it or not. I am also interested in integrating this mod as well. Is there any way you could provide a file with only the changes that were made to each file for the theme? If you are interested in the mod that I did I would be glad to send it over. I use Widget Context to tell WordPress which pages to display a widget on. You can see an example of this by clicking on a post on my blog. You will see that the sidebar widgets only appear on the main page, and that the main content on a single post expands to fill the entire space.

    Thank you!

  3. Wendell

    Fantastic! Thanks so much! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really expecting a response, often times these types of mods are done and then there is no way of getting in contact with the author.

  4. james

    Million thanks for the background fix.

    I spend my time but didn’t manage to finish it 🙂

    I wrote about your blog on official theme site also as you made fantastic work and it is worth other to know also 🙂

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