Fixing DirectMusic on some 64-bit Windows versions

If you’re getting error messages such as “No sound device detected. Sounds might not play.” or “Failed to create Direct Music Performance.” when running Game Maker games, the following may help you. Here’s what I did to fix them on my system:

  1. Download the DirectX redistributable
  2. Unpack it
  3. Unpack
  4. In dmusic.inf, search and replace “HKCR,” with “HKCR,Wow6432Node\
  5. Install the edited dmusic.inf (from the right-click menu)
  6. Copy missing DLLs (dm*.dll) to %WINDIR%/SysWOW64.

That’s it! The same method could work for other DirectX components as well.

8 thoughts on “Fixing DirectMusic on some 64-bit Windows versions

  1. Mo

    This worked great for me, fixed my sound issues in SFxMM (which I guess is a game maker game) and also in Hotline Miami. Thanks for the info!

    Win7 x64

  2. anon

    This worked perfectly on Server 2003 x64.
    Surprisingly, DirectMusic files were already present in \SysWOW64\ and I had to replace them with older versions.


  3. Kevin

    Tried this on Windows 8, but I’m still getting the same error, “Failed to create Direct Music Performance” in game maker 7. Then the game *.exe closes as does the game maker window. Any suggestions?

  4. Andy

    I had posted Direct-Music fix installers on another website regarding a very similar issue with Unreal 2: The Awakening. I don’t know what happened to the site I posted these on, but I have tested both fixes in many different environments and has worked wonderfully. If you wish to try it I’ll post the links to them here:

  5. Dav

    Thanks Andy for the Fix and Vladimir from the Blog for help was having difficulty running the game Megaman X8 on Windows 7 64bit “direct sound error … direct music performance”

    The game works now
    Thank you so much


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