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I got fed up with waiting/pestering Richard Mitton (aka Kayamon / @grumpygiant) to integrate the Very Sleepy patches I’ve sent him last year or putting the code on a software forge, so I’m publishing my patches on GitHub myself.

Very Sleepy is a polling Windows profiler with a wxWidgets-based GUI. This is a fork of the latest released version at the time of writing (0.82).

There have been a few more forks of Very Sleepy (e.g. here and here), but these are based off older versions. It’s possible that their changes had already been merged into the official version.

Update: I’ve continued development of my fork, at the above-mentioned location. Check the GitHub project for the changelog, downloads, and more information.

Update 2: Very Sleepy CS is now Very Sleepy!

3 thoughts on “Very Sleepy fork

  1. Hugh Gibson

    Thanks, Vladimir – finally a version of Very Sleepy that lives up to the promise. Extremely useful.

    While you’re in the mood for changes, how about a Back button/hotkey when you’re clicking through functions – either in the main Functions list, Averages, Callstacks etc. It’s easy to get lost and difficult to get back to where you were.

    Even nicer would be a clickable history list.

  2. Patrick Van Cauteren

    Your remark on StackOverflow pointed me to your Very Sleepy fork. Nice to hear that Very Sleepy is still evolving (it kind of annoyed me that no new version was released since 0.82). Hope you don’t give up. Keep up the good work.


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