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EnvMan – FAR plugin to manage your environment

Ever had to deal with annoying conflicts between various command-line utilities sharing the same name? Ever wanted to use different versions of the same command-line software package? Tired of manually editing the environment or using “development environment command line” batch files? Then this plugin is for you! Continue reading

Converting classic WinAMP skins to HTML/CSS

I wrote something that cuts up images from WinAMP classic skins to allow using them (with CSS) in web pages.
It allows variable content width/height, using the bitmap font in the “gen” title bar, and uses mouse “hover” effects.

Source: http://github.com/CyberShadow/WSZ2Web
Download: http://github.com/downloads/CyberShadow/WSZ2Web/wsz2web.zip
Examples: http://thecybershadow.net/misc/skins/